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Riding Academy Lessons:

  • Program carefully developed over the past 30 years to move riders from beginners to advanced. 
  • As riders advance they will graduate to next level instructors and instruction similar to academic school programs. 
  • Taught by professional instructors on safe and experienced school ponies and horses. 
  • Carefully match the rider with the appropriate pony/horse. 
  • Riders are taught all aspects of horsemanship.
  • Rates include school horse/pony, tack and grooming equipment.
  • Get started with the introductory lesson.

    PROGRAM ABeginner program includes 30 min grooming/tacking, 30 min riding, 30 min untacking/grooming. All done with professional assistance at this level. 

    • Starter Program - One private lesson a week  -$99 (includes assisted tack ups)
    • Beginner Program 1- Two private lessons a week  -$768 (includes assisted tack ups)
    • Beginner Program 2- Three private lessons a week- $1152 (includes assisted tack ups)

    PROGRAM B Experienced Hunter/Jumper Riders- Rider is responsible for school pony or horse grooming, tacking & untacking.

    • Program 1 - 1/2 hour or 1 hour group lesson 2x/week or $648/month
    • Program 2 - 1/2 hour or 1 hour group lesson 3x/week or $972/month

    From program B, the rider moves to training program to advance their riding skills and prepare for competition. 

    • Call Maribeth to schedule introductory/evaluation lesson: 858-259-1148.
    • There is a 24 hour cancellation policy on all lessons. 
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