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The Riding Academy

The Mark Conley Riding Academy- Est. 1996

Our Riding Academy was established in 1996.  It is the oldest, largest and one of the most respected English riding academies and horsemanship centers on the West Coast. We teach children through adults with professional Instructors on show quality school horses. Most of the school ponies and horses were or are currently on the show circuit.  The riding academy has taught thousands of Riders who have gone on to become accomplished amateurs and many with successful professional careers.


    We have the Pony Express Program and the Pony Starter Program, call for detail and pricing. 

      Introductory/Evaluative/First Lessons - (Assistant Trainer & Instructors – excluding Mark Conley) - By appointment only, call for pricing.

      THE RIDING ACADEMY (Ages 6+,  these are structured riding lessons)

      Lessons taught by professional instructors on safe and experienced school ponies and horses.  We match the rider with the appropriate mount.  Riders are taught to groom and care for their mount before and after their lessons.  Rates include school horse/pony, tack and grooming equipment. Additionally, the rider may borrow a helmet for their first lesson.  There is a 24 hour cancellation policy on all lessons.

      PROGRAM A.  Beginner Hunter/Jumper Program- includes 30 min grooming/tacking, 30 min riding, 30 min untacking/grooming= 1.5 Hours

      • Beginner Program 1- Two 1.5 hour private lessons a week (30 minutes grooming/safety/tacking, 30 private mounted lesson, 30 minutes untacking, grooming) - 2x/week or (8 lessons per month)  (includes assisted tack ups)
      • Beginner Program 2- Three 1.5 hour private lessons a week (30 minutes grooming/safety/tacking, 30 private mounted lesson, 30 minutes untacking, grooming)- 3x/week or (12 lessons per month) (includes assisted tack ups)

      PROGRAM B.  Experienced Hunter/Jumper Riders- Rider is responsible for school pony or horse grooming, tacking & untacking

      • Program 1 - 1/2 hour or 1 hour group lesson 2x/week
      • Program 2 - 1/2 hour or 1 hour group lesson 3x/week

      TRAINING PROGRAM (Leasing, Ownership & Showing)

      C.  Custom Training Program -  Horse ownership, riding and competition on the GSDHJA County and/or "A" circuit.  We focus on preparing riders and horses for competition.  Horse investments, sales & leasing.

      • TRAINING WITH MARK CONLEY – Head Trainer Evaluative/First Lesson  - These are for approved Advanced Riders only and are booked through the office.  All Regular Lessons with Mark Conley

      Check or cash accepted. Credit cards add a 4% increase in pricing.     Effective 1/1/2022   There are no refunds.  Lessons are non-transferable.