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      At Concord Equestrian, our training program is designed to bring you and your horse to the highest possible level. Carefully developed by Mark Conley over the past 35 years, this program provides training for riders anywhere from walk-trot to Grand Prix. 
Without a horse? Not to worry, we have several safe lower level school-horses for you to train on until you decide to take that step. 
  • Competition is encouraged, but not a requirement
  • Ride up to 6 days per week
  • Lessons are appointment only
  • 24-hour cancellation policy

    Head trainer-Mark Conley (659-246-1148)

    Assistant Trainer-Taylor Gilmore (619-251-1435)


    Start with an evaluative lesson!

    Training with Mark Conley – Head Trainer Evaluative Lesson $120 - These are appointment only.

      Contact Concord for appointment and questions:  call 858-259-1148



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