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Barn Management

Our horses are among the best cared for the the world.   Knowledge and understanding are the most important parts of horse care. No two horses are the same and our program tailors specifically to each horse or pony.  Mark has always been on the forefront of progressive horse nutrition and care for three decades now.  A happy horse is a well performing horse.

Maribeth has cared and managed our barn for many years now.  She coordinates the horses (and ponies') health with their stall life and their owners.  Maribeth has a magical bond with the ponies and horses.   She is also one of our most sought after beginner instructors. 

Our head groom Artemio, cares for the horses each day and builds the bond with them.  He spends the most time each day with them and knows every detail of their care.  This helps keep the horses happy and healthy.

One of our strongest relationships is with our Veterinarian Dr. Allison Bailey.  She is one of the finest equine veterinarians in the country and brings a powerful medical and scientific element to CEC.