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Our Trainers & Staff

Mark Conley: Owner /Head Trainer

Mark opened the doors of Concord Equestrian Center (CEC) in San Diego over 34 years ago with a vision to bring riding into the lives of kids and adults. As a Grand Prix rider himself who trained with George Morris and Karen Healy, many of his riders have gone on to professional careers. We relocated the training facility to iconic Lexington, Kentucky on a 35 acre horse farm in 2023.

For over 34 years, Concord has been a place to learn traditional horsemanship and advance in the competition world. Marks' riders believe working hard and being disciplined allows their riding dreams to come true. 

       From Grand-Prix to hunters, Mark has done it all. His style is based on a well respected classical dressage foundation that allows the horse to become its best, physically and mentally. Mark stands out for his passion for teaching as well as competing. He teaches a select group of serious and committed riders with determined goals (competition or not)

   Our horses are among the best cared for. Knowledge and understanding are the most important parts of horse care. No two horses are the same, and our program tailors specifically to each horse or pony. Mark has always been on the forefront of progressive horse nutrition and care for three decades now. A happy horse is a well performing horse. 

Taylor Gilmore: Assistant Trainer/Professional Rider

     Taylor began riding at a young age in California and found a passion for the sport. She went on to ride and compete in Canada for several years, later returning to California where she started working for Concord. She enjoys passing on her knowledge and developing riders into effective and skilled horse-people. She teaches our beginner and intermediate riders, inspiring confidence every lesson. 

Chico: Head Groom

  Beginning in the thoroughbred racing world at a young age, our head groom Chico cares for the horses each day.  Ensuring they are in top condition mentally and physically, he prioritizes their health and wellness. His attention to detail and relationship with the team of Vets and other healthcare professionals, keeps the horses in their happiest and best shape.