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Retirement Horse Program - Lexington, KY

Concord Equestrian Center at Red Maple Farm in Lexington, KY allows horses to experience their retirement how you envisioned they would. They graze and roam pastures with their friends in an idyllic Lexington, Kentucky setting. Our horse farm combines picturesque rolling hills, flat land, lush green grass, and shelter from the elements. We get to know our retirees and give them the attention and care they deserve in this next chapter of their lives.  

Full Retirement Care: $650 a month                                                                                                

This includes:

  • 24-hour turnout schedule, with walk in shelters to provide protection from the elements
  • Multivitamin supplements given daily with low sugar grain
  • Close monitoring of horses overall health and well-being
  • Group pasturing with compatible horses
  • Coordination of veterinary and farrier services
  • De-worming and vaccination program
  • Weekly grooming and hoof care, fly spraying, and fly masks applied during the summer.
  • Blanketing as needed (blankets provided by owner)
  • Weekly or Monthly updates with pictures and videos
  • Staff on site 24/7 as we live here full time, it is our family home too.  

Call Mark Conley @ 619-246-1148 to discuss a special program for your horse or horses needs.